5 Great tips to help small business with their SEO
Posted by on 04-Jul-2014

For small businesses to be successful, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) can be a priceless tool for attaining authority and supremacy in your market, particularly on a local scale.

Many tools used by SEO specialist companies can also be used by small companies. We will inspect some of the tools available for SEO and what the benefits of using them can have.

Firstly – why should SEO be used?

A great deal of time and energy goes into building a prosperous business. To be successful it requires a solid foundation and a growth strategy which in most cases includes effective marketing.

Offline, marketing can cost you many thousands of pounds – magazine adverts, flyers, radio promotion – but online there are a variety of free methods to increase your brand awareness and boost your website rankings.

1. Social Media Coverage

This means making a business “Google +” webpage, a Facebook business page and utilising the power of Twitter. All of these amenities can be created and managed without spending anything other than time. These services permit you to network with current and potential customers, acquire customer’s feedback as well as grow your presence online. Google gives preference to websites that are linked to a Google+ page and Google will provide improved search results to those companies who use their services often. Using Facebook gives you the ability to interact with a potential audience of millions.

2. Video Marketing

Online videos are great way of getting your potential customers engaged with your business. Nobody should consider that these videos are tough to produce – they are not. You can utilise some great online resources like Google Docs to create a slideshow demonstration with music playing in the background. Using pictures of your product and/or services will always help. The use of videos does a lot to increase your online presence and attracts more customers. They can be dispersed to many video hosting websites like “YouTube”, “Vimeo” and other free video sites!

3. Social Profile Links

Build your online authority and web content by linking to an exterior social profile on Web 2.0 websites. This is becoming progressively more significant in the new era of social media. There you are allowed to post articles about your products and services that will link back to your website’s homepage.

4. Social Bookmarking

The use of bookmarking sites on a computer is to help remind us of websites found to be useful. Social bookmarking has now become one of the newest focuses in SEO promotional approaches. By setting bookmarks to websites like Delicious, Digg, Tumblr, and StumbleUpon you will notice your website rankings increase as well as the amount of visitors to your site.

5. Local SEO Optimisation

It’s extremely easy to claim your business using Google Places. Doing so will increase the probability of being found in local Google searches when somebody searches for your products or services.

We have looked at 5 great tools – social media coverage, video marketing, a social profile linking, social bookmarking, and local SEO optimization. These are all free methods to promote your business with the only downside being the time required to create new content. Most small companies will look for the help of SEO consultants who will put these tools to good use and then in turn produce a new consumer base for your business.
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